Thursday, March 5, 2015

Breaking: Police and People With Disabilities- New Task Force Report

More and more these days, the special education caselaw is full of examples where police are called into schools to deal with kids with disabilities.  This seems to be a trend.

A report this week by the President's Task Force on Twenty First Century Policing addresses several issues including how police should deal with persons with disabilities. I believe that racial issues prompted this report, but it is good to see that interaction with persons with disabilities is on the radar.

You can review the report here. A story about the report in Disability Scoop is available here. Please check it out.

Have any of you had experience with police and kids with disabilities?  My impression is that most police are sensitive to the needs of persons with disabilities when interacting.  The counter-examples unfortunately tend to show up in court decisions.  Readers what do you think?

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