Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekly Question!

We are continuing our series on bullying of kids with disabilities. What else should school districts do to prevent the serious problem of bullying?


  1. Districts and individual buildings need to accept the responsibility for the safety of all students, physically and emotionally. More character teaching, starting at the elementary level, goes a long way to positivity and inclusiveness in any individual school.

  2. I agree that districts and individual school sites need to take responsibility for the emotional safety of all students. I believe students with disabilities need extra support in this area. The term "bullying" is vast and doesn't just include children. Adults bully children as well. I think it is important to include all adults who come into contact with our students each day to be involved in trainings that promote self esteem. For example, bus drivers, playground supervisors, and food services employees should be educated on how to respectively interact with our students. Rick Lavoie gives an inspiring talk called "When the Chips are Down" which discusses the idea of self esteem being collected within a child like poker chips. Lavoie gives the example of a child who receives love and hugs from their parents in the morning before school may earn 5,000 chips, but then gets on the bus and the driver says under his breath "the retard showed up today" and 10,000 self esteem chips are taken away from him. I think it is important for district's to provide trainings in strategies that promote self-esteem to better service and respect our children.