Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blog Issues on Google Chrome??? Tech stuff.

When I view this blog on my Google Chrome browser, the settings are off. 

Funny ads that I have not approved are in the banner under the name of the blog and on the lefthand side of the blog.  Also it does not let me sign in or otherwise manage the blog.

Oddly, these aberrations do not appear on other browsers, specifically Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. 

Any ideas on how to fix this techies?

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Also please take one of the free subscriptions to the blog also available on the lefthand side of the blog. We appreciate your support.


  1. Jim,
    Please let me know if you didn't receive the email I just sent you about your problem with Chrome and I'll post it as a comment.

    Lynn Smith

  2. Thanks Lynn,

    Yes it was a nasty browser extension. I cleaned it up and everything was fine yesterday.

    Today I have somehow caused chrome to be completely unable to connect to the internet! Wow!