Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Breaking: US DOE & DOJ Issue Policy Guidance on Student Discipline

Sec. Arnie Duncan at ALA Annual
Sec. Arnie Duncan at ALA Annual (Photo credit: ALA - The American Library Association)

The United States Departments of education and Justice issued policy guidance today for school districts and states to reduce unlawful discrimination in student discipline policies.  This seems to be a consious decision by the Administration to attack the school-to-prison pipeline problem. Although the thrust of the guidance is obviously to reduce racial discrimination in school discipline, the Dear Colleague letter notes specifically that the contents of the guidance also fully apply to discipline that discriminates against children with disabilities and other protected groups.  (See footnote 4 on pages 2-3 of the Dear Colleague Letter)(Always gotta read dem footnotes!)

You can read the DOE blog article here.  You can review the video by Secretary Duncan and the complete guidance package here. The Dear Colleague Letter is available here.
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