Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dueling Children Left Behind? Major Parties Offer Different ESEA Reauthorization Bills

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English: President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act, better known as The Artist formerly known as No Child Left Behind, is way due for reauthorization.  Although the Act was blended with IDEA in the NCLB incarnation, that may or may not change when ESEA is finally reauthorized.

In what can hardly be called breaking news, the two major political parties introduced one or two versions each of a reauthorization bill for ESEA last week. They did not agree!

Here is a statement by the Democrats on their ESEA bill.   Here is an article about the bills introduced by House and Senate Republicans.  Assuming that both houses pass the same bill or that a conference committee passes a final version, and assuming that the President signs the bill, ESEA will be reauthorized for the first time in ten years.  But don't hold your breath. Any Questions?
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