Friday, May 3, 2013

Tech Update: Our Linkedin Group Now Has Over 7,500 Members!

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If you have not yet checked it out, the Special Education Law Group that we started through this blog over on LinkedIn now has over 7,500 members.  (That is not a typo!) You should go to the group's site and take a look.  There are always good discussions- sometimes even heated disagreements. If you lose this post, there is always a link to our LinkedIn group on the lefthand side of the blog. It is a part of our effort to use social media to spread good impartial information about special education law.

For history buffs, we also used to have a Facebook group.  At some point Facebook got all corporate in our face and "archived" our group because we were not constantly issuing nonsensical posts about what we ate for breakfast, etc. The group still exists, but it is cumbersome.

There are also many other resources available on the lefthand side of the blog.  You can sign up for a free subscription to the blog (three kinds of them.) You can view the CADRE interview videos of me. (If the written word is not enough!)

You can also finds links to all sorts of other helpful websites, including CADRE, the IDEA statute and federal regulations, NICHCY - the information clearinghouse, and OSERS- the federal agency.  We also have links to some other great blogs.

We are always looking for new impartial resources to share.  We don't recommend sites that favor either parents or school districts, even though there are some good ones.  We try to be impartial here. Let us know if you have any recommendations.
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