Thursday, September 1, 2011

Arizona Conference a Big Success

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The most recent stop on the 2011 Jim Gerl special Education Law Tour is over.  The 2011 Arizona Director's Conference is history.  They had to turn away potential registrants because of the stellar reputation this conference has developed.  It was very impressive.

As always the best part of the conference for me was meeting with old friends and making new friends, including a number of people who are readers of this blog.  It was great to talk to all of you.

My sessions were well received and there was a lot of fantastic participation.  I believe that my co-presenter and i were able to impart some helpful information and allowed them to have some fun in the process. it was a great group.

I also attended excellent sessions on dispute resolution, year in review, IEP facilitation, UDL and transformative leadership.

Great conference. Thanks again for letting me participate.
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