Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NAHO Presentations Go Well

I did two presentations at the NAHO Conference in Nashville. They were both well received.

The first was on the Prehearing Process. At first blush, the work of hearing officers who do twenty hearings per day and those who do one hearing over three days would seem to have little in common. That is, until you think about it.

The second presentation was ruling on objections. Once again, the participants had a lot of fun.

The Kings of Hearing Officers again had a great annual conference.
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  1. Jim, can we readers get info on how the prehearing process works: are tere rules for this, how do parties share info, is there a timeline for documents; you know, that sort of information...
    Question #1: Do ISDs have to perform an evaluation when the parents request it or can ISDs tell the parent they will observe the child and then decide whether they will evaluate?
    #2: The parent was told they will put the child on a waiting list for an evaluation; is this within the rules? A parent told me she was told both #1 and #2. Thanks, Fernando
    Jim, I don't know what it means to choose a profile, so I just picked one at random.

  2. Fernando,

    When commenting you have to pick a profile to show you are not a robot. Whatever you did worked ok.

    The prehearing process varies considerably from stat to state and agency to agency. Many have procedural rules, you might look there.

    I cannot give specific legal advice. If you have a pending case, consult a lawyer licensed in your state, preferably one familiar with this area of the law.

    Good luck

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