Friday, August 21, 2009

Expense as a Defense Poll Update; Tech News

Our current running poll concerns whether in these hard economic times, the expense of services should be considered a defense in an action alleging a violation of IDEA. We are starting to see some activity on the poll. So far those who have answered No cost is not a defense have a commanding lead with 14 votes. Yes has 5 votes and Maybe has 2. One respondent pleads that he or she is too poor to vote. Be sure to vote now; let you voice be heard. (We make no claims to any scientific value to our polls; they are for the fun of our readers only.)

We have also created some other venues to inform and stimulate discussion in the blogosphere. Fully embracing the spirit of the internetS, we have created a number of related special education law groups. Each of the following has a growing number of participants. On the following pages you will find interesting discussion boards; passionate arguments and comments that will make you think. Please take some time to explore them. Our first venture was the special education law group on the Facebook social networking site. We have since added groups on the Ning site; the Twitter site; the LinkedIn network; and on the Plaxo site. There are permanent links to each special education law group, as well as a number of other useful websites, on the lefthand side of this blog

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

. In addition we have fixed it so that you can follow our Twitter mini-posts on the lefthand side of the blog.

The number of subscribers to this blog continues to grow. This really helps our credibility; thanks. If you would like to have a free subscription, you have three options all high on the lefthand side of the blog. You can receive the posts by email by clicking on that link. If you have an RSS reader or feed aggregator, some smartphones are equipped for such readers, you can subscribe by clicking on the feed link. Finally if you have your own blog or website, you can obtain a blidget- or blog widget- for this blog and insert it right into your blog or website. Again, thank you for subscribing, numbers help.

The "new" technology is somewhat frightening to many people, but it really is amazing in terms of its capacity to make information available to people. How did folks find out about special education law before the internet? How did people post to their blogs from conferences before there were cellphones and voice recognition software?


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