Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sotomayor Part II; Tech Update

Since I brought up the Sotomayor nomination, any new justice has some impact upon the supreme court. My question is how she will rule on special education cases.

Since the last post, I have found some more interesting information on Judge Sotomayor. For those of you who are very interested, you can read her entire 173 pages of answers on the questionnaire given to her by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here is a link.

For those who would prefer a nice summary of what is likely to occur at the confirmation process, the SCOTUS blog has done just that. Here is a link to that summary.

How's this for cool? I conducted my first webinar yesterday. It was a training for approximately 45 special ed hearing officers from the northeastern portion of the United States. Thanks to all the help I had with my friend at the agency and the tech people holding my hand through the process, I believe that it was a very successful training. I still prefer the dynamic interaction of face-to-face trainings, but given the economy and the development of the technology, I'm sure that there will be more of these in the future.

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Do not forget about our poll. There are only four days left to vote on the (admittedly not even close to scientific) poll question: how would you vote on the case before the Supreme Court? For the Parents is leading For the District by a margin of 25 to 21, with 3 people "pulling a Justice Kennedy" as we say in the trade.



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