Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Wins - Will New Secretary of Education Make a Difference?

Well the election is over. I was truly amazed. Until about six months ago, I did not think that an African-American could be elected President in my lifetime. I gladly stand corrected. We have come a long way since the Constitution designated blacks as three-fifths of a person for purposes of determining representation in Congress. Once again America inspires, and yes overcomes.

So for special education law and policy what will this mean? The first question will be who shall be the new Secretary of Education. My teaser in the headline for this post concerns whether the appointment will make any difference. I suspect that it will. I welcome your comments.

A number of interesting names have been floated. Who do you think should get the job? Here is a column listing some of the prominent candidates:

By the way as the Edjurist has pointed out, the Obama transition team already has a website up and going. Education positions are listed here, but not much concerning special education. Also if you feel that you should be the new Secretary of Education, fill out the apply for jobs form here:

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  1. I am perfectly happy that we have made history and elected an African-American. I just want to see how well he is at improving our education system. I want to see changes & see changes for the best!