Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Feature- Other Education Blogs

A number of people have asked me recently about other education blogs. I have been hesitant to add a blogroll to this blog because I am still pretty new to the blogosphere. (Eg. Did I use the word "blogosphere" correctly?)(Interestingly, the Blogger spellchecker doesn't like the word!)

But there are three education blogs that I read as often as I can. One is the Edjurist Accord which features the work of my friend Justin Bathon. A newer blog that also highlights legal issues I care about is the School Law Blog by Mark Walsh. Finally the Adjunct Law Professor Blog by Mitch Rubinstein often discusses education law developments. I have added links to these three thoughtful and useful blogs on the left hand side of this blog under the title other education blogs.

Are there other education or special education or law blogs that you think might be of interest to our readers? If so, please let me know. I will continue to be conservative about recommending blogs until I get the chance to sample them for a while and feel comfortable with them, but I may add some if you and they can persuade me to do so. As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for the reference Jim. I appreciate it. If you ever have suggestions for improving the Edjurist, let me know. Anyway, I would encourage you to read At the Schoolhouse Gate (www.schoolhousegate.org). The Gate was just restarted in December after a long layoff, but it is a collaborative blog run by CASTLE and Scott McLeod at Iowa State. The contributors are education law experts from around the country and have a bunch of different perspectives. While I would like for the posts to be a little more frequent, I think as the contributors settle in to this blogging thing and become more comfortable with it the posts will come on more of a daily basis. Anyway, that is one I highly suggest at the moment, in addition to the other 2 you recommended (and your blog of course). Your work lately on the dispute resolution mechanisms has been great.

  2. Thanks for the links to other educational blogs.
    I need the educational blogs in Canada. Can you create a list for those here?

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