Saturday, June 30, 2007


I enjoy being interviewed on special education law topics. Some of my friends have asked for links to a few of these interviews.

The following relate to the Winkleman decision by the Supreme Court:{GERL}))&chunknum=1&topic=Main&listnum=0&offset=6

Supreme Court watchers will be watching the direction that the Roberts Court will take in special education cases. They are definitely interested in the topic.


  1. Too bad Education Week and LRP do not make articles available online for free (so I could view your quotes Jim). I am especially disappointed in Education Week. I remember when they switched to pay-to-read service last year, I hope it hurt their bottom line. Companies like this don't get the power of the Internet. They seem to think that they can somehow control the flow of information, when in reality, the flow of information will control them and make the obsolete.

  2. Sorry, I didn't realize that these wern't generally available. I'll check before giving links next time. JG